Climate Controlled Facility for Your Pet’s Comfort

Our facility is climate controlled with heated indoor runs. Pens are cleaned each day to ensure that your pet is in a safe and healthy environment. We can accommodate up to 30 dogs at one time.

Plenty of Room: All dogs are kept in 8 ft. x 4 ft. pens so they have plenty of room to move around. We have spacious outdoor runs, as well as a ¼ acre exercise yard, that is well kept and cleaned often throughout the day. For very large dogs or multiple dogs from the same home, we have extra-large runs.

Special Area for Cats: We recently completed our new cat area on the upstairs level of the kennel. This area can accommodate up to 8 cats in separate pens, and the cats have access to a screened-in porch. Cats also have access to climbing apparatus, scratching posts and window perches, in a bright sunny room.

Security: We are Canadian owned, fully licensed yearly, insured and secure facility. You are welcome to call in to check on and get updates regarding your pet while you are away.